Panel on Deeply Responsible Business at the the European Business History Association meeting in Oslo, Norway, August 24-26, 2023. 

Great comments, supportive and critical, by Youssef Cassis, Hartmut Berghoff, Anki Bergquist and Mary Yeager. Exciting session.

"In his outstanding new book, Deeply Responsible Business: A Global History of Values- Driven Business, HBS professor and business historian Geoffrey Jones challenges head-on the notion that for-profit leaders have never be virtuous while chasing the bottom line [...] This is a timely and insightful read."

A Higher Degree of Responsibility

Featured article in Harvard Magazine, adapted by Geoffrey Jones from "Profit or Purpose?", the introduction chapter of his book Deeply Responsible Business: A Global History of Values-Driven Leadership published by Harvard University Press. 

Podcast interview - New Books Network

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